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Staverton is a sparsely populated rural parish, which lies on the Gloucester Road just west of Cheltenham, and is part of the Tewkesbury Borough. At present it has an electorate of 548, who live mainly in the village of Staverton. The council generally meet four times a year on the third Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel at 7.30pm.

The Parish Council is comprised of 7 Councillors:

Chair Mrs. C. Wellfair 01452 712 846

Vice   Mr. S. John         01452 244 440

Cllrs. Mr. J. Judge       01452 536 008

Mrs. C. Hillidge             075 548 80816

Mr. A. Hillidge

Mr. R. Lewis                    01242 680 887

Mrs. D. Lewis                  01242 680 887

Clerk Mr. P.E. Ounsworth, 25 Tuffley Crescent, Podsmead, Gloucester, GL1 5ND. Tel: 01452 526 495

Free festive parking dates in Tewkesbury Borough

To encourage residents to shop locally this Christmas, Tewkesbury Borough Council is offering free parking in its car parks for two days in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe.


Tewkesbury enjoyed free parking for its Christmas light switch-on on 25 November and will offer shoppers more free parking on Saturday 1 December to support Small Business Saturday – a national initiative to encourage consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities.


Winchcombe will also offer free parking in Bull Lane and Back Lane car parks on the two Saturdays running up to Christmas (Saturday 15 December and Saturday 22 December) to help local businesses with trade and shoppers with their last-minute search for the perfect gifts.


Councillor Rob Bird, leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “Why not make your Christmas shopping experience an easy and memorable one, by exploring what the independent, local shops and businesses in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe have to offer – and take full advantage of the free parking to do so!”


For more information about parking in Tewkesbury Borough, visit tewkesbury.gov.uk/parking




For media enquiries please contact:


Lisa Davies

Communications Officer

Tewkesbury Borough Council

01684 272022


Tewkesbury Borough Plan Preferred Options Consultation

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to inform you that the Preferred Options Tewkesbury Borough Plan was approved for public consultation at a meeting of the Council on 26th September 2018.

This consultation will take place for the minimum statutory 6 week period between the 10th October 2018 and 26th November 2018.

All comments must be received by 5pm on 26th November 2018. Comments received by the deadline will be considered and will help to inform the preparation of the plan.

If you wish to make comments on what the Tewkesbury Borough Plan should contain you can respond to the consultation via our website:www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan where there is additional information about submitting representations. In order to make it easier to submit responses an online consultation form has been set up and we are encouraging people to use it to make their comments. This form can also be downloaded so responses can be emailed and posted to the Council.

Representations on any of the documentation should be made in writing, either via:

· the online consultation available via: www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan
· by email [email protected]
· by post to: Planning Policy Team, Deputy Chief Executive’s Unit, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5TT
Supporting documentation can be viewed on the council’s website at www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan or at Tewkesbury Borough Council’s main offices (at the above address) and at all libraries and Advice Centres in the borough – opening times and other details are available at www.tewkesbury.gov.uk.

If you have any other questions on this consultation the Planning Policy Team can also be contacted on [email protected]

Matthew Barker
Planning Policy Manager
Planning Policy
Tewkesbury Borough Council

Reviewing the issues and options for the JCS

Press release
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tell us what you think about future development in Tewkesbury Borough

Now is the time to share your views on the future of planning and development in Tewkesbury Borough.

At a recent meeting of Council, the ‘Preferred Options’ Tewkesbury Borough Plan was given the green light to go out for consultation to give residents the opportunity to comment on plans for future development in the borough up to 2031. The consultation will run for just over six weeks, from Wednesday 10 October to 5pm on Monday 26 November 2018.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan sits underneath the Joint Core Strategy – the over-arching strategic planning document for Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury which sets out how much growth needs to be accommodated in the three areas and the broad strategy for how that growth will be delivered.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan, on the other hand, provides detailed and locally-specific planning policies on issues in Tewkesbury Borough that the Joint Core Strategy doesn’t cover, such as housing, employment, retail, the urban and natural environment and transport. It will also include smaller-scale sites allocated for housing and employment development.

The ‘Preferred Options’ Tewkesbury Borough Plan is the next step in the process of creating a final version of the plan. It builds on previous stages of the process (including the ‘Draft Policies’ and ‘Site Options’ consultation in February 2015) to refine the plan into a document that the council believes will promote sustainable development in the borough, identifying options that would provide around 700 new homes and 45 hectares of employment land.

Councillor Rob Bird, Leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “Our Borough Plan is so important, because it will enable us to meet the varied housing and employment needs that our different communities have told us about, in particular providing specific help for rural areas to thrive, whilst continuing to support more urban communities.

“We aim to assist the reasonable housing and development aspirations of both residents and businesses, whilst protecting communities and the environment against clear harm.

“Our draft Borough Plan provides detailed policies to drive quality housing, thriving communities, a prosperous economy, and sustain vital services and facilities – now we need to hear what you think.”

Tewkesbury Borough Council is now seeking views on the ‘Preferred Options’ plan and would welcome comments and opinions on the policies and sites in the document. The consultation will run for just over six weeks, from Wednesday 10 October to 5pm on Monday 26 November 2018. All comments received by this deadline will be considered and will help to inform the preparation of the next version of the plan, which will ultimately need to be independently examined by a Government-appointed Inspector.

To read the plan and make comments, visit www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan

The plan is also available to view at the Public Services Centre on Gloucester Road in Tewkesbury, or at libraries and advice centres throughout Tewkesbury Borough.


Staverton Parish Council

The council exists to serve you. Your council is a corporate body, a legal entity separate from that of its members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The council has been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend public money.

What does your Council do?

Planning, highways, traffic, community safety, housing, street lighting, allotments, cemeteries, playing fields, community centres, litter, war memorials, seats and shelters, rights of way – these are some of the main issues that concern parish government. The Government is encouraging local councils to deliver more services and play a greater part in their communities.

Services and information

They can play a vital part in representing the interests of the communities they serve and improving the quality of life and the local environment. Furthermore they influence other decision makers and can, in many cases, deliver services to meet local needs. In other words, you and your council can make a difference.

Diversity is Strength

Most local councils were set up in 1894 by an Act of Parliament. This created the civil parish, separating it from the church after its long history of delivering local services such as care for the poor, maintenance of roads and collecting taxes. In 2007 the government brought in legislation to allow local councils in London, not permitted since the 1960s. In the first decade of the 21st century 200 new councils were created.