Following the recent election, there is a vacancy on the Parish Council for a Councillor.

If you would like to be considered to join the Council, please contact the clerk on

[email protected] for more details.

Pauline Clarke
Parish Clerk
8th May 2019

Staverton is a sparsely populated rural parish, which lies on the Gloucester Road just west of Cheltenham, and is part of the Tewkesbury Borough. At present it has an electorate of 548, who live mainly in the village of Staverton. The council generally meet four times a year on the third Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is on Tuesday 7th May 2019 at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel at 7.30pm.

The Parish Council is comprised of 7 Councillors:

Chair Mrs. C. Wellfair 01452 712 846

Vice   Mr. S. John       01452 244 440

Mr. J. Judge                01452 536 008

Mrs. J. Cload               07584 505 380

Mr. R. Lewis                01242 680 887

Mrs. D. Lewis              01242 680 887

Clerk Mrs P F Clarke